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We are an educational institution with 10 years experience in the region in the teaching of English language. We find our purpose in forming people of integrity with a humanistic view , and at the same time be self-confident , competitive and leading people.

We have not only helped hundreds of people in the community of Guzmán City to speak English  we also certify companies in Guadalajara on IBM or FREESCALE , we have worked together in local colleges and in Colima as Anauatl and Cambridge for training and entertainment. We also have experience in training with children starting from 3 years old and on in summer camps , English classes and social events.


We are inspired by the innovating and  formation of the people , so the key at Cambridge School  are creating people with a high degree of recognition and trust in the community of Ciudad Guzmán Our team consist of  MSc. Ignacio González Magaña ,  General Director of  Corporate Cambridge ; PhD in education and Alma Rosa Contreras Murguia Ed.D Laura Ochoa Martínez . They and their own teams run this institution each day as they train and aid all of our students at Cambridge School

Our enthusiasm for teaching has shown over 10 years of organizing events such as summer camps and our famous Eco Rally in Town.

400 Million Anglo speakers only in India and China speak English. It is a fact that in both countries as the people who are bilingual do better.

Activities in Kinder Cambridge

For us it is important to have a united community of students, is why constantemene organize events that promote coexistence and unity.

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